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Research and housing investigations conducted by the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit (FHCMD) in the metro Detroit area indicate that approximately 40% of the time protected group homeseekers receive potentially unlawful differences in treatment by housing providers. The proper percentage of differences in treatment should be 0%.

Most of the time homeseekers are unaware they have been treated differently because UNLAWFUL DISCRIMINATION IS USUALLY HIDDEN and provided with a SMILE AND A HANDSHAKE. Unlawful housing discrimination can take many forms, but it may sound like: 

  • "We have nothing available right now, but if you check back in a month or two we might have something."
  • "There are no homes listed in your price range in this neighborhood, but we have homes listed in other communities."
  • "We don't allow ramps in the front of your unit."
  • "You will need good credit and at least 20% obtain a loan for a mortgage."
  • "We don't insure homes in Detroit."
  • "We prefer families with school age children."
  • "Sorry, no assistance animals, we have a no pet policy."
  • "No more than three people in a two bedroom apartment."


If you think you will be, or have been treated differently than others because of your RACE, COLOR, SEX, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, RELIGION, AGE, MARITAL, FAMILIAL or DISABILITY STATUS contact the FHCMD. In many cases, the FHCMD will conduct covert fair housing tests to help determine if your suspicions are accurate. Once sufficient evidence has been gathered FHCMD can refer you to a government fair housing enforcement agency and/or to an FHCMD Cooperating Attorney who can help secure your legal rights. The FHCMD is here to assist you! The services provided by the FHCMD to complainants are available without charge, so do not hesitate to call. Your call can help you obtain the housing of your choice.

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Click here for: A Guide to Requesting Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications Under the Fair Housing Act by the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.

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The evidence from the housing discrimination complaints filed with FHCMD by home seekers, from the "testing" conducted by the FHCMD, and from the statements provided by many housing providers who support fair housing laws and are willing to step forward to help expose violations of those laws, demonstrates that practices of unlawful housing discrimination continue and the services of FHCMD are needed. Read more